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 You have mowed my lawn for over six years and I have never had such good service. Your staff always do a great job and I appreciate them very much.

- Milton C., August 2019
What lawn care services do you provide?

ABC is a full-service lawn care provider.

Our specialists help make homeowners’ lives easier by providing the following lawn care services:

Lawn Mowing

The easiest way to keep your grass looking healthy and green is through regular mowing. Leave the hard work to ABC by scheduling regular mowing services. We can adjust the frequency to suit your schedule, and in most cases, we can cut your grass while you are at work. After a long day at the office, you can return home to a neat and tidy lawn.

Lawn Fertilization

Austin soils lack the nutrients your grass and plants need to thrive. That’s why ABC offers lawn fertilization services, spaced over the course of a year, to address the deficiencies in your yard during different seasons. In addition to enriching your plants, our specially-formulated, environmentally-friendly products will also help control weeds.

Landscaping & Landscape Design

Adding color, varying terrain and other features like fences, patios and decks can improve the look and function of your outdoor spaces. Whether you want to enhance what you already have or you want a new design altogether, ABC’s landscaping experts can transform your yard into a place the entire family wants to spend more time.

Tree Care & Trimming

Having trees on your property helps protect your home from both the heat of summer and the cold we experience during the cooler months. Just having one tree can reduce your energy bill by up to three percent over the course of five years. Many homeowners don’t have the tools or time to keep trees properly trimmed and cared for, however. ABC’s tree experts can keep these valuable and beautiful natural assets healthy for years to come.

Sprinkler Repair & Irrigation Systems

Investing in landscaping does no good if your plants don’t receive the most essential nutrient: water. Automated sprinkling systems play a significant role in keeping your landscape flourishing. ABC’s skilled technicians can help you identify leaks, replace worn or faulty parts, perform maintenance and advise you on how to get the most out of your irrigation system.


Composting involves regular applications of organic material directly onto your lawn. This works to improve the overall health of the turf. We typically recommend aeration with compost, twice a year -- typically in the Fall and Spring.

What specialized training do your lawn care employees receive?
Lawn care Austin

Our lawn care team is made up of ISA-certified licensed arborists, licensed sprinkler repair specialists and lawn crews with years of experience and in-house training. ABC customers can also feel safe having technicians visit their property, since all employees undergo comprehensive background and drug testing.

How often will you mow my yard?

We are happy to work with you to create a schedule for lawn mowing that fits your needs and budget. The factors we take into account to make our recommendations include the type of grass you have in your yard, how quickly your grass grows and your preferred grass height. During some times of the year, we may recommend mowing once a week to keep your yard looking its best.

Do I need to be home when you are working on my lawn?

In most cases, our lawn technicians are able to mow and care for your yard and trees while you are away. We just ask that you provide our lawn technicians with any information they might need to access your yard and that you keep your pets and children inside while we do our work.

Do you offer lawn care year-round?

ABC customers can take advantage of our lawn care services any time of year. Since we live in an area with an extended growing season, lawn care isn’t just limited to a few months. Depending on your lawn and the types of plants you have, you may need different services during different seasons. We are happy to work around your schedule to give you the lawn services you  need,  when you need them.

How else can you help me with my yard?

ABC is much more than a lawn care company. Our experts can also help:

  • Diagnose and treat your grass for lawn disease or conditions, such as brown patch, take-all patch and iron chlorosis

  • Offer solutions to reverse damage done by outdoor pests, including chinch bugs and grubs

  • Implement mosquito control measures, including automatic misting stations

  • Install outdoor lighting to enhance your home

  • Clean or repair your pool

  • Perform handyman services, including working on fencing, painting, installing windows, cleaning out your gutters, washing your windows and power washing your deck, driveway or patio

What impact do your products have on my children, my pets and the environment?

ABC’s top priority is your family’s well-being. That’s why we use specially-formulated products in low concentrations that are designated for residential use. We will work with you to address any concerns you might have about any treatments we use and provide any information about the active ingredients of these products. Decades in the lawn care business have given us the experience to select the products which are most effective while minimizing the impact on the environment.

What equipment or materials do you use on my yard?

When you choose ABC for your lawn services, you don’t have to worry about getting out the mower for the kid down the street. Our technicians bring commercial-grade equipment to your home, which allows for more consistent and high-quality results.

Why choose ABC for my lawn care?

ABC customers appreciate us because we provide reliable, high-quality lawn care. Our crews arrive on time and treat your home as they would their own. ABC only hires the best of the best. All employees undergo criminal history checks and drug screenings so that you can feel secure knowing that your home is in good hands.

I'm technically outside of Austin's city limits. Can ABC still provide lawn services to my area?

ABC is proud to serve many of Austin's outlying communities. We hope you'll contact us about lawn services in these suburbs and cities:

  • Liberty Hill


  • Manor

  • Pflugerville

  • Rollingwood/West Lake Hills

  • Round Rock


  • Shady Hollow


  • Spicewood

  • Sunset Valley

  • Taylor