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How quickly can you send someone to my house?

ABC’s licensed plumbers are available around the clock to respond to plumbing emergencies. For matters which aren’t as pressing, we do our best to get you on the schedule as soon as we can, which is usually within a business day of hearing from you.

                    ​Plumbing New Braunfels

Which types of plumbing projects and tasks can an ABC plumber handle?

Our experienced plumbers have the training and skills to deal with any plumbing project or repair New Braunfels homeowners may encounter, big or small.

New Braunfels Plumbing Service

More specifically, ABC plumbers can help with:

  • Removing clogs in sinks, toilets or drains

  • Making repairs to leaky pipes and stopping faucets from dripping to avoid wasting water and running up your monthly bill

  • Replacing or fixing your toilet, any kind of water heater, your garbage disposal or your water treatment system

  • Swapping out your bathroom or kitchen fixtures or faucets

  • Avoiding potential health hazards and property damage by detecting and addressing water or gas leaks

  • Handling issues related to water flow to your fridge, dishwater or ice maker

  • Backflow testing your sprinklers to diagnose uneven watering which can make your yard more attractive to pests and more vulnerable to lawn disease

  • Identifying stubborn obstructions deep in your pipes with video technology to take care of the toughest blockages

Are ABC’s plumbers licensed?

Every repair and installation that ABC will do in your home is performed under the supervision of a licensed Master Plumber. ABC’s rigorous in-house training program prepares our plumbers to install your new equipment and parts, handle maintenance, quickly diagnose problems and make repairs and otherwise make your life easier when it comes to pipes, toilets, sinks, showers, faucets and other parts of your home which rely on water to function.

What warranties does ABC provide for plumbing services?

As with any of the homes service ABC offers, we want our customers to be completely satisfied with the plumbing work we do in your home. For that reason, we offer a one-year, money back guarantee on the plumbing service we perform. What does that mean? If, within one year, you experience a problem with the repair work we did, or what we installed, we will return to resolve the issues, at no cost to you. This guarantee is on top of any warranty that a manufacturer may extend on a part or piece of equipment we install.

Under very rare circumstances, one of our plumbers may encounter an unexpected issue which takes longer than expected to resolve. In those cases, ABC will cover the cost for your family to spend the night in a hotel if you are unable to return to your home. As part of our Comfort Guarantee, our plumbers will complete work as quickly as possible, in a way that is least disruptive to you.

What’s going on with my water bill?

When your water bill is surprisingly high, there can be a few possible culprits. One common reason for water waste is a running toilet, especially in a bathroom you don’t use often. This common problem can add up to $100 to your bill over the course of a year. If you have just one leaking faucet, you could be sending 300 gallons of water down the drain without realizing it.

While a plumber is usually best equipped to help you troubleshoot these common scenarios, you can also start on your own by checking all your outdoor faucets. You or another family member may have inadvertently left a faucet on just slightly, especially if it’s hooked up to a hose that you can’t see dripping. Another place to check is inside of your toilet tank, down where the flapper rests. As time goes on, this part can deteriorate, leading to a running toilet and other related problems.

Another area that is common for water waste is our irrigation system. You can do a quick assessment of your sprinklers by watching each station run, making sure all the heads are functioning properly and not broken. Once each station has run for its normal time period, check afterward to make sure there are no leaks making some areas wetter than others. Although a sprinkler problem is never good news, ABC’s plumbers can work with our experienced technicians on any needed repairs.

Are ABC plumbers able to install plumbing equipment or parts?

Absolutely! New parts are a very simple upgrade to your kitchen or bathroom, but only if you have the time and tools handle them on your own. Many homeowners enjoy picking out accessories, but soon realize that they would rather spend their weekends doing anything other than plumbing installation. When you get annoyed at the pile of boxes in your garage or closet, give us a call. Our skilled plumbers can get in and out quickly, so that you can rest assured that your water heater, toilet, sink, garbage disposal and water softeners will be up and running again. While we’re at it, we are happy to put in new fixtures and faucets. We’re also happy to give you honest advice on when it’s cost-effective to make repairs versus investing in new equipment or an appliance.

What can I do on my own if I have a clogged or slow drain?

One of the most residential plumbing problems is clogged drains. What should you do before you call an ABC plumber in?

Try the following:

  • Perform a visual inspection after you have removed the stopper from your bathtub or sink. A flashlight can come in handy to spot anything that’s stuck in your pipe, like a children’s toy, debris or hair. Remove any of these materials and throw them in the trash.

  • Slowly add an enzyme-based drain opener into your tub or sink which can break up any clogs past the part of the pipe you can see.

  • Follow the drain opener’s instructions by putting the recommended amount of hot water down the drain to see if the clog is now cleared.

  • If that doesn’t work, use an auger to get further down into your pipe to find and resolve the obstruction.

A majority of homeowners don’t have an auger on hand and decide at this point it’s time to call in the pros. When you call ABC, you’ll have someone on your doorstep who can get to the bottom of your problem fast and avoid doing any damage to equipment or pipes which may lead to more costly and time-consuming repair work.

What happens when a plumber needs longer for my plumbing work than originally anticipated?

In the vast majority of cases, our plumbers will finish their work on time. If a problem pops up unexpectedly, we will be in touch with you about an extended timeline for the work to be done. Our plumbers will not work on an expanded scope or any additional costs until we get your approval.

In the extremely unlikely case that major repairs can’t be wrapped up and your plumbing will be impacted overnight, our customers benefit from our Comfort Guarantee. What this means is that ABC will cover the cost of your family to stay at a hotel until work is complete, at no cost to you.

Our guarantees are in addition to any manufacturer warranties that may cover the parts and equipment you purchase for installation through ABC.

Does ABC provide other home services to New Braunfels residents?

At ABC Home & Commercial, we’re grateful to our loyal customers nd hardworking employees who have allowed us to offer a whole range of services to New Braunfels-area homeowners, including: