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What lawn care services does ABC provide in Buda?

While Buda residents may think of ABC as a pest control company, our loyal customers appreciate the high-caliber lawn services our experienced team can provide.

You can rely on us for the following lawn services: 

Lawn Mowing

Do you wish you could come home to a freshly cut lawn? If so, ABC can help. We can provide you with regularly scheduled mowing so it's not another task on your neverending to-do list. Our specialists can mow at times that work best for your schedule and budget. Regular mowing is one of the most important contributing factors in keeping your lawn healthy and green, so your grass can stay healthy and look great with routine lawn service from ABC. 

Lawn Fertilization

We find that soil in Buda's residential areas does not have the proper nutrients our plants need to stay healthy. We can provide you with a fertilization schedule to ensure that your lawn has proper nourishment, no matter what season it is. In addition to serving as vitamins for your lawn, our fertilizer also prevents the growth of weeds. With most of our customers, we recommend fertilizer treatments in both the fall and the spring. 

Landscaping & Landscape Design

Our experts can do anything from updating flower beds to a complete remodel of your deck or patio. Our landscape designers can bring your plans to life. Or, if you want an update and just don't know where to start, they can give you ideas based on your style, as well as your wants and needs. Some of our popular requests include adding colorful flowers, putting in outdoor lighting and installing awnings to add shade to a yard. 

Tree Care & Trimming

While trees create wonderful shade in the summer, trimming them can be a difficult task because of their size and specialized expertise required. Instead of climbing up the tallest ladder you own to prune your trees, let us do the hard work for you. ABC's arborists know when, how and how much to trim these towering plants.

Sprinkler Repair

An efficient and effective sprinkler system is crucial to a beautiful yard. If you're watering too little or too much, you could kill your plants and lawn, which can represent a significant investment. One of our licensed sprinkler technicians can take a look at your current system, repair broken components and recommend ways you can be more efficient with your irrigation so that your entire landscape can thrive. 

How often will you mow my yard?

Your mowing frequency will depend on how tall you would like your grass to be, the type of grass you have in your yard and how quickly it grows. We may recommend seasonal changes, since some types of grass grow at different rates as temperatures fluctuate. Of course, we will always work within your schedule and budget as we make these adjustments. 

Do you offer lawn care year round?

Throughout the year, lawns need different kinds of care. For example, we often provide fertilization services in the fall and spring, because that's when your soil needs these nutrients the most. Our fertilization program ensures your plants get exactly what they need, when they need it to keep growing and looking great for the months that follow. During the summer months, many of our customers request that we replace flowers that don't survive with more drought-resistant alternatives. 

Do I need to be home when you are working on my yard?

Usually, you don’t need to present for each visit if you have signed up for ongoing lawn services. This means you can come home from work, running errands or your kid’s soccer game to a freshly cut and well-maintained lawn. The only thing we request is that you provide us with any information to access your yard, which might include gate codes or any other instructions on how to access the parts of your yard where we will be doing our work. We also request that that kids and pets stay inside while we are working, out of concern for their safety.

How else can ABC help out in my yard?

ABC's experts can also assist to: 

  • Diagnose and treat your lawn for diseases such as take-all patch, iron chlorosis and brown patch.
  • Provide you with pest control solutions to fix any damage that may have occurred from pest infestations.
  • Implement mosquito control through various measures, including automated misting sprays.
  • Add beauty and safety to your home by installing outdoor lighting.
  • Clean or make repairs to your pool.
  • Provide you with handyman services such as painting, installing windows, fencing, washing windows, cleaning gutters and power washing your deck, driveway or patio.
What impact do your products have on my kids, pets and the environment?

We believe in treating your property as if it was our own. This means that we will walk you through our processes and allow you to ask any questions regarding the products we use. We hand-pick our products, which are specially formulated for residential use and applied carefully by trained technicians. In addition, we will always use the lowest concentration of chemicals possible when treating your home.

What qualifications do ABC’s lawn care experts have?
Lawn care Buda TX

At ABC, we take our hiring process very seriously. Our lawn services department is made up of ISA-certified arborists, licensed sprinkler repair specialists and lawn crews with years of experience. After getting hired, ABC team members go through an extensive in-house training program to ensure that they are providing our customers with the high-quality service that we are known for. 

In addition, you can feel comfortable with our employees on your property, as they have all undergone drug testing and criminal background checks.

What equipment or materials do you use on my yard?

When the ABC lawn team comes to your home, they will bring all of the equipment and materials that we need for your project or service call. Our lawn equipment is commercial grade to ensure we are providing consistent, high-quality results. This means you don’t have to worry about supplying us with all those lawn tools you may—or may not—have at your disposal. 

Why choose ABC for my lawn care?

ABC has built a solid reputation for providing high-quality lawn care in Buda. Our customers tell us that they appreciate that we provide a thorough, friendly service. Because of our knowledgable technicians, who perform a wide range of services, we can advise you on anything from whether there are any signs of sprinkler malfunction to letting you know if there are any areas of your lawn that may be suffering due to disease.

We believe in treating your home as if it was our own. We want you to be comfortable with our employees, which is why all ABC team members must undergo a drug test and criminal background check before getting hired. Once hired, employees undergo additional training to ensure that we are providing you with the best service possible. 

Do you provide any other services?

ABC is happy to provide many other home services here in Buda. You can count on us for much more than lawn services, including: