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Can ABC start treatments immediately?

ABC has been serving Texas residents for generations, so we know just how bad the pest problems here can get, and we understand how important it is to start working on the problem fast.

Here’s how it works with ABC. When you reach out, one of two things will happen:

  1. If you are suffering from one of the most common area pests, it might be possible for us to provide you with an estimate over the phone. Once you accept the estimate, we can schedule treatment right then.
  2. If we believe it is necessary, we will schedule a free inspection of your property before providing you with an estimate. This way, we will be better able to tailor a treatment plan to meet your specific needs. After the inspection, you will be given an estimate. Just as in the above scenario, as soon as you approve it, we can schedule your first treatment.
How do your free inspections work?

If we decide that an inspector needs to see your property before we can give you an estimate, we are typically able to get them out to you within a few days.

At the inspection, we will:

  • Confirm the type of pest or pests you’re dealing with

  • Look for possible entry points

  • Search for any unique qualities of your property that could be encouraging your pests

  • Talk to you to get additional information about the infestation

  • Offer additional information on ways to treat the problem

  • Answer any of your questions

Once the inspector leaves, you will receive a free, no-obligation estimate. Approve it and we will schedule your initial treatment.

My house in Bastrop has a couple of different kinds of pests. Can ABC get rid of all of them?

Our trained and licensed experts deal with all kinds of pest issues in Bastrop. Our trained and experienced technicians travel around the area providing the following types of pest control services:

Pest Control Bastrop TX

Roach Control 

No one wants roaches. They’re gross. They’re creepy. Even beyond the aesthetics, these pesky pests do unsavory things like contaminating your food and spreading diseases.

Unfortunately, they’re ridiculously hard to stamp out. That’s where we come in. Our skilled technicians know where they breed, where they rest and how to take out both the adults crawling around and their eggs so that your roach problem will be back under control.

Mosquito Control Bastrop TX

Mosquito Control

Mosquito bites may seem like no big deal if you’re just out on a walk in Bastrop State Park and it only happens once or twice. But what if you get bitten dozens of times? In your yard? What if you develop an illness like Zika or West Nile virus?

Not such a small deal anymore.

Protect your home by calling in an ABC expert to inspect your outdoor areas and suggest treatments that will reduce their population and make your property less friendly to them.

Bed Bug Exterminator Bastrop TX

Bed Bug Exterminator 

Smaller residential areas like Bastrop used to be relatively insulated from bed bugs. But in recent decades, more and more people have started to move here—and more and more people are traveling. This has resulted in a drastic increase in bed bug infestations.

If you discover bed bugs, don’t mess around with them. The licensed professionals at ABC have the right tools and knowledge to tackle your bed bug problem, making sure that both living adults and their eggs are completely wiped out.

Termite Control Bastrop TX

Termite Control

Did you know that most people don’t discover they have termites for months? Or longer? This is because these creatures typically use subterranean mud tunnels to reach your home, and once there you won’t see them because they have no reason to leave your walls.

It’s a situation that can easily lead to catastrophic home damage, but ABC pros know how to take care of the issue quickly to minimize your repair expenses.

Rodent Control Bastrop TX

Wildlife & Rodent Control

Scratching in the walls. Overturned garbage cans. Damage to wood and wires. Droppings.

Rodents and other types of wildlife frequently find their way into Bastrop homes, and they’re quick to wreak havoc and pose a threat to your family.

ABC pest experts have been trained on the best techniques to remove these animals humanely—no matter where they are on your property. Then, once they’ve gone, we’ll arm you with tips on how to secure your home against them in the future.

Ant Removal Bastrop TX

Fire Ant Control 

Bastrop residents are quite familiar with these aggravating pests and their painful bites, but that doesn’t mean that they have to let them take over their lawns. At ABC, we know how to handle all types of ants, both inside and outside of your home. If it feels like you’re being overrun, give us a call.

Flea Exterminator Bastrop TX

Tick & Flea Control

Bastrop State Park. Bob Bryant Park. Fisherman’s Park. When you combine hot, humid weather with wooded areas, it’s like putting out a welcome mat for fleas and ticks. For those of us who have pets, this problem is even worse.

There are all kinds of over-the-counter products out there to deal with fleas and ticks on your pets, but sometimes they’re just not enough. If you feel like the problem is just too big to handle on your own, get in touch with us. ABC technicians understand the difference between dealing with indoor and outdoor infestations, and how tactics need to change based on the flea and tick life cycle.

Pest Control Bastrop

Spider & Scorpion Control 

Spiders and scorpions aren’t really as dangerous as we think they are. No, really. Despite many people’s fears, there are actually only a handful of species in our area that are poisonous or otherwise problematic for people.

Try repeating that to yourself when you run into a scorpion in your garage, though. Or a spider spinning her web at eye-level in your closet.

Chances are, you won’t be sticking around long enough to learn if they’re dangerous or not. And you shouldn’t. Instead, give us a call.

ABC pest professionals can both tell you what kind of infestation you’re dealing with and work with you to control your population—so you don’t have so many unwanted encounters.

I just want a free estimate. Does ABC do that?

Yes! When you contact us and provide us with information on your pest issue, we will either reach out to schedule a free, follow-up inspection to determine the nature and extent of the problem (which comes with a free estimate), or we’ll be able to offer you a free estimate right then and there.    

Also, this estimate includes all associated costs, so you never have to worry about hidden charges.

What types of things could I expect to see my ABC technician doing around my home?
Is there a specific pest control philosophy that ABC follows?

With over 50 years in the pest control business, ABC has seen trends come and go and had ample time to learn what methods really work in Bastrop. We’ve used our experiences to craft a program that matches the principles of IPM (integrated pest management).

Essentially, IPM is focused on an understanding of pest behavior and biology, along with the belief that many problems can be stopped by making changes to your property to make it less desirable to pests. That being said, we always start with the goal of removing the creatures that are currently bothering you, using scientifically-proven methods that focus on both breeding areas and live pests. After they’re gone, we can work with you to prevent re-infestation.

Can’t ABC just wipe out my pests with one treatment?

It’s not impossible, but the more likely scenario is that you’re going to need a few treatments to get rid of the problem.

In fact, many of our customers have asked for ongoing services, which has resulted in us adding a year-round pest control treatment plan that focuses on the pests most commonly seen in Bastrop, including ants, roaches, spiders and scorpions.

If an ABC technician is coming, do I have to be there?

For those who find it difficult to be at home for our treatment, ABC has just the thing: outside-only services. While this won’t help with pests that are already inside, it’s a great way to protect your home against the threat of invasion and keep insects out. With this service, all we need to know is how to access your yard. You don’t have to be there at all.

If, however, you already have indoor pests, we do ask that you be there for all treatment appointments. Additionally, we highly recommend that new clients be there if we set up a free inspection because talking with you helps our inspector to put together the best possible treatment plan to deal with not just what they see right then, but also what you’ve noticed that motivated you to reach out to us.

What makes ABC better than any other Bastrop pest control company?

All we can tell you is what our customers tell us.

People choose ABC because they know we’ve been serving people in the area for generations. Our long-time customers say they know our pest control services will be performed by technicians who are licensed (TPCL2170), and who have undergone extensive background checks and drug testing. Others mention that they like dealing with professionals who are caring, respectful and who treat their home as they would their own.

For our part, we’re focused on providing you with the best service possible—both from a customer service standpoint and by making sure our treatments are both low-impact and effective.

What other home services can Bastrop homeowners get from ABC?

At ABC Home & Commercial, we’re always looking to add new services to our offerings. Currently, people in Bastrop and other outlying areas can receive help with:

How many times have you told yourself that you’re going to head outside and really scrub your house to get it looking clean and fresh again? Now think: how many times has it actually happened?

The simple truth of the matter is that it’s tough to get out there and do it—especially if you don’t have the right tools. Call ABC and we’ll handle your: