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How long will it take someone to get here to start working on my pest problem?

After you discover a rat in your attic or spy a roach running across the floor, chances are that you want the problem taken care of—as quickly as possible. Thankfully, when you reach out to ABC, you won’t have to wait long. Depending on the nature of your problem, we may be able to give you an estimate right over the phone so that we can get to work immediately. In some cases, however, we may prefer to send a trained inspector to meet you at your home to get a closer look at the problem you are having to customize your treatment plan to best suit your needs.

When an inspection visit is recommended, we do our very best to get someone out in just a few business days. After that appointment, we will send along a no-obligation estimate for you to look over. Once we get your approval, we can schedule your first service call.

What takes place during the free inspection?

ABC provides free inspections with the ultimate goal in mind: to provide you with effective, long-term pest solutions. When an inspector meets you at your home, we have the following objectives in mind:

  • Learn as much as we can about the problem you are having.

  • Conduct a preliminary inspection to spot possible entry points in your home and yard.

  • Determine whether there are any specific characteristics about your property which might make you more vulnerable to infestations.

  • Assess both the extent and the severity of your pest problem.

  • Provide you with an opportunity to ask us questions about the usual course of treatment or our techniques.

  • Document your pest activity and any associated damage.

After this visit, we will send along a free, no-obligation treatment plan for your review. Your first treatment appointment can be rescheduled as soon as you approve our estimate.

Which types of pest control do you perform here in Cedar Park?

The short answer is that our highly-trained and experienced technicians have handled pretty much any type of pest problem that homeowners can encounter here in Cedar Park.

Want to learn more about what homeowners in our area are most frequently contacting ABC to help them handle? We routinely visit Cedar Park homes to provide:

Pest Control Cedar Park TX

Roach Control 

One of the most resilient creatures on Earth, the cockroach can survive on almost any type of organic material, which explains how they can infest even the cleanest homes. Able to spread disease, contaminate food and ruin paper products and textiles, roaches are very challenging for homeowners to get rid of on their own. ABC’s knowledgeable technicians can pinpoint the source of your problem, apply targeted solutions to common nesting (and resting) areas and help prevent future unwanted run-ins with these creatures.

Mosquito Control Cedar Park TX

Mosquito Control

During certain times of the year, mosquitoes can make spending time outside miserable. The hard part is that these bloodsucking pests can breed in just one teaspoon of water, which makes reducing your backyard population quite a challenge. Worse still, in addition to being a nuisance if you get bitten, mosquitoes can transmit serious diseases to humans, including the West Nile and Zika viruses. ABC uses scientifically-proven techniques to address egg-laying areas and to target mature mosquitoes so that your mosquito population is reduced and you can protect your family against this pesky pest.

Bed Bug Treatment Cedar Park

Bed Bug Exterminator 

In an area like ours in the midst of a population boom, bed bugs are becoming a bigger problem. Once again considered a public health threat, bed bugs often feast on our blood under the cover of darkness, while we are fast asleep. When we wake up, these tiny pests are long gone, retreating to hide in the smallest cracks and crevices in our bedding, furniture and wall voids. Sometimes, the only evidence we have of a bed bug problem is itchy, irritating bites. Homeowners find eradicating bed bugs on their own is virtually impossible, and it usually requires a very experienced pest professional to ensure that you don’t have a recurrence. That’s one reason Cedar Park homeowners trust ABC to handle bed bug problems. With a combination of spot treatments and whole-house fumigation, we will ensure that your bed bug problem is a thing of the past.

Termite Control Cedar Park TX

Termite Control

For such a small creature, termites can cause significant damage to your biggest investment. Often dubbed “silent destroyers”, these insects arrive via underground tunnels in search of their preferred food source: the cellulose in the wood of your home. These voracious pests then feast on your foundation, in the hardest to reach and see spots, so that you don’t know that you have a problem—usually not until it’s too late.

What’s the best approach to protect your home from termites? Monitoring. Periodic inspections can identify any termite damage and serve as an early warning system to implement protective measures. In the event that we find that you do have termites, we can apply highly-effective termiticide along the perimeter of your home and conduct frequent checks to ensure the entire colony is eliminated to put your mind at ease.

Rodent Control Cedar Park

Wildlife & Rodent Control

As Cedar Park has grown, homeowners report more problem with various types of wildlife, including mice, rats, raccoons, squirrels, and possums. These larger pests can carry deadly pathogens, chew through electrical wires and wood, contaminate food, leave disease-laden droppings and even bring in other pests on their fur, including ticks and fleas.

How can ABC help? First and foremost, our skilled technicians can locate the animal that is causing your headaches and remove it from your property, repatriating it to a more suitable environment, when possible. After we have evicted your unwelcome houseguests, we will then identify how these animals made their way inside and close and seal any gaps or holes we discover. Lastly, we will work with you to implement any other measures that have a good chance of making your home and yard less attractive to these pests in the future.

Ant Removal Cedar Park TX

Fire Ant Control 

One of the most reviled—and the most common—insects in and around Cedar Park is the fire ant. When they take up residence in your outdoor spaces, you run the risk of someone in your household getting a painful bite. Then there’s the question of aesthetics since homeowners don’t want to have unsightly mounds dotting their landscape. ABC’s pros can make your life easier by driving all types of ants off your property and keeping them from making a return trip.

Flea Control Cedar Park TX

Tick & Flea Control

Two parasites which can cause problems here in Cedar Park are ticks and fleas. One of the challenges homeowners face trying to get rid of these pests on their own is that it’s very easy to have a recurrence since pets and the human members of your household can easily bring these hitchhikers back inside. Fleas can make both you and your pets miserable, particularly if Fido or Fluffy develops flea bite dermatitis. While ticks don’t often infest homes, even a single animal can infect a human with a host of serious health conditions, including Lyme disease. ABC’s experts have the know-how to tailor a solution for your home and target different interventions to different stages in these creatures’ life cycle. We can also recommend ways to help you avoid flea and tick problems in the future.

Spider Removal Cedar Park TX

Spider & Scorpion Control 

One of the joys of living outside of a big city is our proximity to nature, although most Cedar Park homeowners would probably tell you there are two creatures they would rather not run across: spiders and scorpions. While spiders can actually serve as your own form of natural pest control, some species are dangerous. If you can’t tell the poisonous types from those that are harmless, you aren’t alone. The same thing goes for scorpions, which you can often startle if you are going through boxes in the attic, cleaning out your garage or moving items from that winter closet. ABC can help take the sting out of your next rendezvous by helping you identify the species around your home and providing you with helpful tips on how to keep your family safe. To help with your peace of mind, we can schedule periodic checks of your home to repatriate these creatures to more suitable surroundings, away from you and your family.

Is there a charge for ABC’s pest control estimates, or are they free?

Here at ABC, our philosophy is that we want to make homeowners’ lives as easy as possible, and that begins with our free, no-obligation estimates. In some cases, we can give those over the phone, while in others, we suggest that an inspector meet you at your home to learn more about your pest problem so we can design the most effective treatment plan possible. Either way, we are happy to answer any questions you might have about the services we recommend. We can schedule that first service call as soon as you approve the estimate.

What can you tell me about ABC’s approach to controlling pests?

ABC has been serving Texas home and business owners for generations, so you can feel confident that we fully understand pest behavior and the science surrounding effective, long-term solutions. As the largest independently-owned and operated pest control company in the state of Texas, ABC adheres to a philosophy embraced by a host of large institutions, including the Environmental Protection Agency.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an approach which seeks to find a balance between effective interventions, low cost, and low impact. These techniques take into account the interplay of all the organisms within an ecosystem and how to prevent pest problems from happening in the first place. A keen understanding of the intersection between biology, entomology, animal behavior, and horticulture, mixed with industry best practices and the latest research on pest behavior, helps us craft practical solutions to even the toughest pest problem.

One of the objectives of IPM is to explore non-chemical techniques before resorting to other types of treatments. Technicians pay special attention to how pests are entering and exiting your property to install protective barriers to keep insects and animals out. Other methods include minimizing moisture sources that could provide pests with a reason to stick around, which could mean adjusting your sprinkler system, adding mosquito dunks to birdbaths and removing excess vegetation where water can collect. Technicians will also assess your property for areas where pests can rest and nest and suggest changes, which could include removing firewood piles, clearing leaves and trimming grass and bushes to make your outdoor spaces less attractive to a number of possible animal and insect invaders.

How long can I expect an ABC treatment plan to last?

While we wish we could tell you we will completely resolve your pest problem in just one visit, the truth is that this isn’t usually the case. There is a reason these creatures are called pests in the first place, which is generally that they require some time and focus, which may involve a series of visits. One of the main reasons we recommend these follow-ups is to make sure that reproduction has been stopped in its tracks so that you don’t have another generation of pests causing you headaches.

Your customized treatment plan will take several factors into account, including the time of year you reach out to us, what species you need our help to get rid of and the severity and extent of your infestation. In response to customer demand, we now offer year-round service to protect your home against the four most common culprits for pest problems here in Cedar Park: roaches, mosquitoes, spiders and scorpions.

Will I need to make arrangements to be at home for every ABC pest control services?

We understand that homeowners lead busy lives. If we are unable to give you an estimate for pest control services over the phone, we do ask that you arrange to be at home to meet our inspector so that we can create a treatment plan which meets your needs. After that point, you may elect to choose our new, outdoor-only services, so that we can perform treatments without your even needing to be at home. Customers who take advantage of this option receive periodic treatments along their exterior to provide a protective barrier against the most common household pests. All that we ask is that you give our technicians any information they may need to access your outdoor spaces.

With so many choices, why choose ABC to handle my Cedar Park pest problem?

We can tell you what our Cedar Park customers tell us: experience, integrity, and quality. Experience serving Texas home and business owners for over 60 years, with the friendliest staff in the business. Integrity to us means many things, among them that we conduct thorough background checks and drug testing on all employees so that you can feel safe having ABC on your property, even when you aren’t there yourself. Lastly, it all comes down to quality. We wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for our loyal, long-time customers and our hardworking employees.

What other services does ABC provide in and around Cedar Park?

Although you may have known that ABC provides high-quality pest control, you may not realize how many other home services we do provide here in Cedar Park, including: