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When can ABC get started on my pest problem?

We understand that pest problems tend to fall into two categories: you need help now, and you really need help now. For those more pressing issues, we do our best to give you an estimate over the phone so that we can schedule a time to begin treatment right away.

In some cases, we prefer to advise you in person about the best course of treatment. In these cases, we arrange for a time that’s good for you for an inspector to come to your home to learn more about the problem and provide you with a no-hassle, free estimate. In those cases, the appointment can usually be scheduled within a few business days and your first service call can be scheduled as soon as you approve the estimate.

What happens at the free inspection?

Sending an inspector to your property is the best way for us to see the extent and severity of your pest problem first hand and gather the information we’ll need to create your customized treatment plan. The goals of this visit are to:

  • Conduct a preliminary inspection to find the source of your infestation

  • Assess the extent and degree of the problem

  • Identify the pests and associated damage, if needed

  • Determine whether they are any unique characteristics of your property that may make you more vulnerable to pest activity

  • Learn more about what you have been seeing

  • Respond to any questions you might have about techniques, our pest control philosophy and the course of treatment.

Once the appointment is over, we’ll send you a free, no-obligation estimate for you to review with recommended next steps. Once you approve the estimate, we can schedule your first service call.

What types of pest control services does ABC provide in Georgetown?

Homeowners in the Georgetown area routinely call upon the pest pros at ABC to handle virtually any type of infestation. The most commonly requested services include:

Pest Control Georgetown TX

Roach Control

If you were to ask Georgetown homeowners to name their most hated pest, the answer would probably be the cockroach. This resilient creature has some real superpowers, including being able to live with no food for a month, the ability to survive underwater for half an hour and the capacity to live with no head for an entire week. Yuck! Given these statistics, it’s no wonder that Georgetown residents often call in the professionals to handle a roach problem. The experts at ABC can quickly find where these creatures are hiding and resting so that treatment efforts address these areas to eliminate not only the live insects but also to prevent eggs and larvae from developing.

Mosquito Control Georgetown TX

Mosquito Control

Believe it or not, snakes, lions or sharks are not the world’s deadliest animal: it’s the mosquito. These bloodsucking insects are responsible for the death of around 250,000 people annually, worldwide, from several different types of diseases, including the Zika and West Nile viruses. The risk has seemed more real as cases of the West Nile virus have popped up in Travis County. Take back your backyard from mosquitoes with ABC’s help. Our skilled technicians can recommend how to decrease your mosquito population and protect your family from these conditions and the annoyance of being bitten.

Bed Bug Exterminator Georgetown TX

Bed Bug Exterminator

With an increase in travel and denser residential areas, bed bugs are again on the rise in urban areas across the country. These infestations are a homeowner’s nightmare, as these parasites feed on human blood and prey on us while we are asleep. Bed bugs spend much of the rest of their lives hidden in the smallest crack and crevices, so they are extremely hard to treat on your own. ABC can pinpoint the source of your problem and tailor a solution to eliminate not only mature bed bugs, but also egg and larvae to protect you from a recurrence.

Termite Control Georgetown TX

Termite Control

Given the nickname “silent destroyers”, these insects are responsible for billions of dollars of damage to homes annually. The “silent” part is because homeowners often do not realize there is a problem until significant repairs need to be done because termites reach your foundation through underground tunnels. The termite technicians at ABC can swiftly locate the colony and eliminate all its members (which can be up to a million) to minimize future losses.

Rodent Control Georgetown TX

Wildlife & Rodent Control

Not all pests are tiny, and as you can imagine, the larger the pest, the bigger problems these creatures can bring onto your property. Rats, mice, raccoons, possums and birds can contaminate your food, chew through wiring and wood and leave behind droppings and other debris that are a health risk. Worse still, smaller pests, including ticks and fleas, can catch a ride on these larger pests, causing even bigger problems. The wildlife control pros at ABC will humanely remove these animals from your property and take steps to prevent them from returning by closing entry points and suggesting steps you can take to make your property a less popular gathering spot.

Pest Control Georgetown Texas

Fire Ant Control

Anyone who has lived in Texas long enough has experienced the surprising amount of pain associated with a fire ant bite. When these ant mounds spring up in your yard, not only are they unsightly, but also they remind you that your household is at risk if you, a child or a pet accidentally stumbles over one and makes these aggressive insects attack. ABC can help treat for fire ants in your yard, as well as other types of ants which might find their way indoors, so that you don’t have to worry about a possible encounter.

Georgetown TX Pest Control

Flea & Tick Control

A rise in tick-borne illnesses has been documented across the country in recent years and rising temperatures are making both flea and tick populations increase. While a flea infestation can make your furry family members miserable, just one tick bite can have serious health implications. ABC knows how to manage these parasite pest problems, which can often move from the outdoors inside and resurface once pets bring pests back in. In addition, our technicians take a holistic view in treating these pests, since several different tactics often have to be implemented to control these pests in different life stages.

Georgetown Texas Pest Control

Spider & Scorpion Control

As much as we enjoy living in a more rural area here in Georgetown, we have to acknowledge that we are more likely to come into contact with several different types of crawling insects, including scorpions and spiders. While there are only a few types of spiders that we need to be worried about here in Central Texas, most homeowners don’t stick around long enough to determine whether the one that’s spinning a web in your attic, garage or closet is poisonous or harmless. Most of us have similar feelings about scorpions, as we want to avoid getting stung by one of these creatures. ABC can help control your spider or scorpion population, identify which types of these insects are around your home and help you avoid having them on your property in the future.

Does ABC give free pest control estimates?

We want to do everything we can to make homeowners’ lives easier, and that starts with the free estimates provided by experienced inspectors. Since no two pest problems are exactly alike, in many cases we prefer to meet you at your home to get a first-hand look at the problem you are dealing with so that we can create a more effective treatment plan. Once you look over our estimate and approve it, we can get you on our calendar for your first service call.

What can I expect as an ABC pest customer?
What is ABC’s approach to pest control?

With over 50 years in the pest control business here in Texas, ABC knows what works and what doesn’t. We have developed and refined our pest control treatments over the years in alignment with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles. What does that mean, exactly?

IPM is an environmentally sensitive and effective approach based on the idea that having a comprehensive understanding of pest biology and behavior can help prevent these creatures from entering and thriving on your property in the first place.

ABC’s pest protocol involves first identifying where these animals are living and breeding. One our technicians identify and treat these problem areas to stop the growth of the pests in question, we can then turn our focus on the future. We then work with homeowners to identify what preventative steps can be taken to stop future infestations, whether that means sealing points of entry, making adjustments to your sprinkler system to avoid water pooling in your lawn or encouraging beneficial insects and animals onto your property.

How many service calls can I expect before the pests are gone?

Since all pest problems are unique, there is not an easy answer to the question of how long treatment plans will take. So many variables are involved, including the time of year, the pest or pests in question and the extent of your infestation.

What we can tell you is that we usually recommend more than one treatment. Why? The effectiveness of the products we use diminishes over time, and depending on what types of pests are causing you trouble, retreatment may be necessary to make sure eggs and larvae do not develop into adults.

In response to increased demand by our customers, ABC now offers pest control services year-round to keep pest populations under control. Our Georgetown year-round pest program focuses on the four most common pests in our area: roaches, ants, spiders and scorpions.

Do I need to plan to be at home for each ABC service?

We do prefer in many cases to meet homeowners for the free inspection visit so that we can create a pest control program that best fits your needs and preferences. Once you have a chance to go over our estimate, you may choose to take advantage of our outside-only services. Our technicians can treat the outside of your home for crawling insects while you are away, as long as you provide us with instructions on how to access your yard.

Why choose ABC for my Georgetown pest control needs?

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to pest control here in Central Texas. Our customers here in Georgetown tell us that they keep coming back to ABC because our friendly, licensed (TPCL2170) technicians can resolve even the toughest pest problems. They are also grateful that they don’t have to worry about having an ABC employee on their property, because they know that we conduct background checks and drug testing on all our employees. Last, but certainly not least, our technicians treat your home as they would their own.

What other services does ABC provide here in Georgetown?

Thanks to our hardworking employees and our loyal customers, ABC now provides many home services here in Georgetown, including:

Lawn & Tree Services

Our Central Texas summers can make keeping your grass green and your plants thriving quite a challenge. ABC’s lawn specialists can:

  • Mow, edge, weed eat and clean up grass clippings so you can get your weekends back

  • Apply seasonal fertilizers to your yard and trees to add key nutrients to keep your landscape healthy

  • Elevate your curb appeal with an entirely new landscape design plan or enhancements to the beds, pathways and outdoor features that make you want to spend more time outside

  • Provide specialized care for your trees to keep limbs trimmed, spot any potential problems and remove any diseased or dead trees that could cause damage to your home or your neighbor’s

  • Repair any problems with your sprinkler systems or make any other adjustments to make sure your plants are getting the right amount of water at the best times

AC Repair & Installation

Here in Georgetown, having a working air conditioner is almost a necessity. ABC’s licensed experts can:

  • Repair any make or model of AC or heater

  • Maintain your unit to keep everything running smoothly and address any issues that could cause a big headache later

  • Recommend a new unit and install a new system, based on your need and preferences, particularly when your older unit begins requiring expensive repairs and more efficient models could mean a cost savings over the long run

  • Perform an energy audit to see what you can do to increase your energy efficiency and save on your monthly utility bills

  • Have filters delivered to your home to make sure you don’t skip this routine (yet important) maintenance task

Electrical Services

Need an electrician? ABC’s licensed experts can save you time and protect you from health risks associated with working with electricity and wiring, as well as hazards associated with working on tall ladders, if that’s what your project requires. Just a few of the ways ABC’s pros can help include:

  • Putting in new lights, fans, outlets, switches, bathroom and kitchen vents and fans

  • Repair any faulty wiring or circuitry

  • Upgrading your home’s electrical panel if you need more capacity

  • Assisting with any project or problem that involves your home’s electrical system

Plumbing Services

Don’t know who to trust when you have a clogged sink or a running toilet? Plumbing repairs can take valuable time away from your weekend and can mushroom into a bigger problem if you aren’t exactly sure what you are doing and unknowingly cause other damage. Count on ABC’s licensed pros to:

  • Fix a clogged sink or toilet

  • Troubleshoot low water pressure in your shower

  • Repair your running toilet

  • Identify and fix leaks

  • Make adjustments to your water heater

  • Replace, install or repair your fridge, garbage disposal, dishwasher or washer and dryer

  • Update your bathroom or kitchen by installing new faucets, sinks, toilets and fixtures

  • Use laser technology to pinpoint and resolve drain issues

Handyman Services

Most homeowners have a long list of home improvement tasks that don’t ever seem to get done. Why not enlist a handyman to cross off some of these items from your weekend to-do list? An ABC handyman can take on the following projects:

  • Repair drywall, patch holes and repaint areas to give a uniform appearance

  • Bathroom remodels

  • Siding replacement

  • Backsplash installation

  • Carpentry tasks, such as adding crown molding in a room, framing a new door, repairing stairs and cabinets or building a new deck

  • Grout and tile repair

  • Window and door installation

  • Furniture assembly

Pool Services

Your backyard oasis isn’t much of a retreat if you spend all your time working to maintain it. ABC’s pool pros can take some work off your hands by:

  • Cleaning your pool on a regular basis

  • Repairing any kind of equipment or components

  • Maintaining your pool by performing seasonal maintenance

Appliance Repair

We take many of our appliances for granted—that is, until they stop working. ABC’s appliance technicians can fix any problem you might be having with your:

  • Refrigerator

  • Freezer

  • Oven or stovetop

  • Washer and dryer

  • Garbage disposal

  • Microwave oven

Holiday & Event Lighting

Getting into the holiday spirit can be a challenge when you are feeling overwhelmed. ABC can make your home the envy of the neighborhood with a custom lights display that you can pull off without lifting a finger! Our lighting experts will put up your lights, take them down and even pack them up for next year. Better yet, ABC provides all the lights for you to save you a trip to the store.

We realize that lighting isn’t just for the holidays. ABC can put a festive glow in your outdoor areas, whether you are having an end of school pool party, a backyard barbeque or a family reunion.

Exterior Cleaning Services

Your home’s entire look can be transformed with the help of ABC’s exterior cleaning services. Our pros can help with:

  • Window cleaning for both the outside and indoor surfaces so that your windows are clear and streak-free

  • Gutter cleaning to save you time, avoid risks of working up on a tall ladder and clear debris so your gutters can perform their intended purpose

  • Power washing to remove pollen and dirt buildup from your driveway, patio and walkways and brighten your home’s exterior